Luuk de Rouw
Project team member


+31 20 3449744


2009 - 2012 University of Technology Eindhoven, Bsc Engineering
2014 - 2016 Dok architects
2012 - 2017 University of Technology Eindhoven, Msc Engineering
2017 - present Dok architects

Anne-Louise Bergkamp Anne-Louise Bergkamp
Project team member
Ellen Wolse Ellen Wolse
Project manager
Marc a Campo Marc a Campo
Associated architect
Daniel Zeinstra Daniel Zeinstra
Contact administration
Marike van der Schee Marike van der Schee
Herman Zeinstra Herman Zeinstra
Ana Barbosa Ana Barbosa
Project Employee
Dorota Kolek Dorota Kolek
Project team member
Odette Olde Wolbers Odette Olde Wolbers
Project manager
Ester Bartels Ester Bartels
PR & Presentation
Liesbeth van der Pol Liesbeth van der Pol
Architect / Owner
Patrick Cannon Patrick Cannon