Dok architects made larger and smaller interventions within both urban railway areas and more rural locations, however always with harnessing the participation of the many users and always in an open dialogue with the client. We are specialists in bringing various functions together into one location, which becomes the new heart to its surroundings.


Patrick Cannon

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 Claudia Sträter, Kortrijk BE - DOK architecten Claudia Sträter, Kortrijk BE
Stadskwartier Nieuwegein - DOK architecten Stadskwartier Nieuwegein Toevoegen aan printdocument
Opticians Jos Peeters, Blerick  - DOK architecten Opticians Jos Peeters, Blerick
Patrick Cannon Patrick Cannon
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Hammockshop Marañon, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Hammockshop Marañon, Amsterdam
Zaantoren, Zaanstad - DOK architecten Zaantoren, Zaanstad Toevoegen aan printdocument
Tower block city centre - DOK architecten Tower block city centre Toevoegen aan printdocument
 Claudia Sträter, Arnhem - DOK architecten Claudia Sträter, Arnhem Toevoegen aan printdocument
Claudia Sträter, Stuttgart DE - DOK architecten Claudia Sträter, Stuttgart DE
 Claudia Sträter, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Claudia Sträter, Amsterdam
Shopping centre Lewenborg - DOK architecten Shopping centre Lewenborg Toevoegen aan printdocument
 Claudia Sträter, Antwerpen BE - DOK architecten Claudia Sträter, Antwerpen BE
De Wending, Delfzijl - DOK architecten De Wending, Delfzijl Toevoegen aan printdocument