Liesbeth van der Pol
Architect / Owner


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Liesbeth van der Pol (Amsterdam, 1959) graduated cum laude from Delft University of Technology in 1988. She spent a year studying at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain in 1982. Before and after her studies, she worked at various Dutch and foreign architecture firms. In 1989 she established herself as an independent architect with Herman Zeinstra and Onno van den Berg. In 1995 she set up the firm Atelier Zeinstra van der Pol with her partner Herman Zeinstra. The firm grew rapidly and soon gained a reputation for its wide variety of projects, including residential housing and buildings for the cultural and industrial sectors. In 2007, she co-founded Dok architects, which she is runs together with Patrick Cannon. She was Chief Government Architect from 2008 to 2011, and is now Supervisor of Schiphol Airport.

In addition to her work as architect, Van der Pol is a guest lecturer at various universities and academies, and she has sat on numerous juries. She was head of Man and Public Space at the Eindhoven Design Academy and is a regular guest speaker at lectures, debates, conferences and workshops. In 1992 Van der Pol received the Charlotte Köhler Prize for architecture from the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund, and in 1993 she was awarded the Maaskant Prize for young architects in Rotterdam. She has received a host of other awards as well over the years, ranging from awards for the use of materials to public awards.

 Claudia Sträter, Arnhem - DOK architecten Claudia Sträter, Arnhem
Twiske-West, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Twiske-West, Amsterdam
Tower block city centre, Amstelveen - DOK architecten Tower block city centre, Amstelveen
Lex van Deldenbridge, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Lex van Deldenbridge, Amsterdam
Delft wonen, Delft - DOK architecten Delft wonen, Delft
Aquartis, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Aquartis, Amsterdam
The Amazones, Den Bosch - DOK architecten The Amazones, Den Bosch
Oldenerbroek, Zwolle - DOK architecten Oldenerbroek, Zwolle
Community Centre, Deventer - DOK architecten Community Centre, Deventer
OpBuuren, Maarssen - DOK architecten OpBuuren, Maarssen
VDS Lawyers, Amsterdam - DOK architecten VDS Lawyers, Amsterdam
Opticians Jos Peeters, Blerick  - DOK architecten Opticians Jos Peeters, Blerick
White Villas, Den Bosch - DOK architecten White Villas, Den Bosch
Railway bridges, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Railway bridges, Amsterdam
Parking garage Katwolderplein, Zwolle - DOK architecten Parking garage Katwolderplein, Zwolle
WKK, Utrecht - DOK architecten WKK, Utrecht
Maritime Museum, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Maritime Museum, Amsterdam
Cinema, Zwolle - DOK architecten Cinema, Zwolle
Stellinghof, Vijfhuizen - DOK architecten Stellinghof, Vijfhuizen
Childcentre Rivierenwijk, Deventer - DOK architecten Childcentre Rivierenwijk, Deventer
Community School The Frog, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Community School The Frog, Amsterdam
Flevocentrale, Lelystad - DOK architecten Flevocentrale, Lelystad
Boathouse Royal Barge, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Boathouse Royal Barge, Amsterdam
Red Dare Devils, Almere - DOK architecten Red Dare Devils, Almere
The Sirens, Bergen op Zoom - DOK architecten The Sirens, Bergen op Zoom
Depot Martime Museum, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Depot Martime Museum, Amsterdam
Bastion island, Leeuwarden  - DOK architecten Bastion island, Leeuwarden
Eekmaat, Enschede - DOK architecten Eekmaat, Enschede
Pieter Vlamingstraat, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Pieter Vlamingstraat, Amsterdam
 Claudia Sträter, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Claudia Sträter, Amsterdam
The Binnenhof, The Hague - DOK architecten The Binnenhof, The Hague
Country House, NL - DOK architecten Country House, NL
Driekolommenplein, Aalsmeer - DOK architecten Driekolommenplein, Aalsmeer
Stadskwartier, Nieuwegein - DOK architecten Stadskwartier, Nieuwegein
Shopping centre Lewenborg, Groningen - DOK architecten Shopping centre Lewenborg, Groningen
Focusschool, Haarlem - DOK architecten Focusschool, Haarlem
Meerhuizenplein, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Meerhuizenplein, Amsterdam
De Brug Training Centre, Assendelft - DOK architecten De Brug Training Centre, Assendelft
 Claudia Sträter, Antwerpen, BE - DOK architecten Claudia Sträter, Antwerpen, BE
Waalfront, Nijmegen - DOK architecten Waalfront, Nijmegen
Villa, NL - DOK architecten Villa, NL
Police station, Dronten - DOK architecten Police station, Dronten
Zaantoren, Zaanstad - DOK architecten Zaantoren, Zaanstad
Coornhert Lyceum, Haarlem - DOK architecten Coornhert Lyceum, Haarlem
OPDC Saenstroom, Zaanstad - DOK architecten OPDC Saenstroom, Zaanstad
GWL site, Amsterdam - DOK architecten GWL site, Amsterdam
Claudia Sträter, Stuttgart, DE - DOK architecten Claudia Sträter, Stuttgart, DE
Media library, Delft - DOK architecten Media library, Delft
Pharos, Den Haag - DOK architecten Pharos, Den Haag
 Claudia Sträter, Kortrijk, BE - DOK architecten Claudia Sträter, Kortrijk, BE
Little India, Almere - DOK architecten Little India, Almere
De Wending, Delfzijl - DOK architecten De Wending, Delfzijl
Borneokade, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Borneokade, Amsterdam
Block 30 IJburg, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Block 30 IJburg, Amsterdam
Richard Holkade, Haarlem - DOK architecten Richard Holkade, Haarlem
Quayside building, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Quayside building, Amsterdam
van Tijenbuurt, Amsterdam - DOK architecten van Tijenbuurt, Amsterdam
Wyckerpoort, Maastricht - DOK architecten Wyckerpoort, Maastricht