Claudia Sträter, Antwerpen BE

In the Antwerp branch of Claudia Sträter the first floor is incorporated into the shop, creating a grand entrance. From the moment the customer steps foot in the shop they feel good and self-assured. For the shop we devised the most logical flow through the space providing a natural route for the customer to follow. The architecture used is above all restrained, spacious and timeless. High quality materials were used and the detailing on the furniture is a key feature. It is the clothing that should steal the show, and to emphasize this we used very different lighting for the clothes and the shop itself - for the shop very cool and restrained, for the clothes warm and emphatic. At the rear of the shop an extra floor was created for the studio, giving the shop a more closed-off feeling towards the rear. Along one side of the shop extra space is created, both in width and in height, which makes it seem as if a street runs through the interior of the shop.

Architect: Liesbeth van der Pol / Jon Dekker
Team: A. Holterman, B. Venus
Number: 9714
Status: Built
Year: 1997 - 1998
Client: Claudia Sträter Modehuizen bv, Diemen

 Claudia Sträter, Antwerpen, BE
 Claudia Sträter, Antwerpen, BE
Liesbeth van der Pol Liesbeth van der Pol
Architect / Owner
 Claudia Sträter, Antwerpen, BE
 Claudia Sträter, Antwerpen, BE
High quality materialisation
 Claudia Sträter, Antwerpen, BE
 Claudia Sträter, Antwerpen, BE