Claudia Sträter, Kortrijk BE

The sober shop front of Claudia Sträter is a remarkable window in a busy street. The original aluminium window frames have been covered with an new front panel featuring the logo. This emphasizes the smoothness of the façade and draws the attention to the shop windows and the door. The way the shop is divided up creates a natural flow for the customer through the whole space. Its architecture is reserved, special and timeless. High quality materials were used as well as careful detailing on the furniture. The presentation wall and the table are made of thick sheets of coloured, transparent polyester, which gives even the larger pieces of furniture a light appearance. It is the clothing that should steal the show, and to emphasize this we used very different lighting for the clothes and the shop itself - for the shop very cool and restrained, for the clothes warm and emphatic.

Architect: Liesbeth van der Pol / Jon Dekker
Team: A. Holterman, E. Wolse
Number: 9906
Status: Built
Year: 1999 - 1999
Client: Claudia Sträter Modehuizen bv, Diemen

Claudia Sträter, Kortrijk, BE  –  Checkout point
Claudia Sträter, Kortrijk, BE  –  Spacious
Liesbeth van der Pol Liesbeth van der Pol
Architect / Partner
Claudia Sträter, Kortrijk, BE  –  Filtered light
Claudia Sträter, Kortrijk, BE  –  Presentation wall
High quality materialisation
Claudia Sträter, Kortrijk, BE  –  Coloured, transparent polyester
Claudia Sträter, Kortrijk, BE  –  Clear and straightforward
Filtered light
Claudia Sträter, Kortrijk, BE  –  Polyester display