We want our buildings to stir emotions, fascinate and be remembered, long and properly in proportion to people. This is what sustainability means to us, just as much as respectfully dealing with the users and the environment, with not only the social and ecological structures, but also the historical structure of a site.


Johan Rombouts

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Depot Maritime Museum, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Depot Maritime Museum, Amsterdam
Noordpoort, Amstelveen - DOK architecten Noordpoort, Amstelveen
The Binnenhof, The Hague - DOK architecten The Binnenhof, The Hague
Car park Katwolderplein, Zwolle - DOK architecten Car park Katwolderplein, Zwolle
Berlijnplein - DOK architecten Berlijnplein
Railway bridges, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Railway bridges, Amsterdam
Dobbelmansite, Nijmegen - DOK architecten Dobbelmansite, Nijmegen
Cinema, Zwolle - DOK architecten Cinema, Zwolle
Lex van Deldenbridge, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Lex van Deldenbridge, Amsterdam
KPN Telecom, Amsterdam - DOK architecten KPN Telecom, Amsterdam
Flevocentrale, Lelystad - DOK architecten Flevocentrale, Lelystad
WKK, Utrecht - DOK architecten WKK, Utrecht
Boathouse Royal Barge, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Boathouse Royal Barge, Amsterdam
Johan Rombouts Johan Rombouts
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PC Hooftstraat 123, Amsterdam - DOK architecten PC Hooftstraat 123, Amsterdam