Luuk de Rouw
Project employee


+31 20 3449744


2017 - present Dok architects, Project Employee
2012 - 2017 Eindhoven University of Technology, MSc Architecture
2015 - 2016 Dok architects, Project Employee
2014 - 2015 Dok architects, internship Project Employee
2009 - 2012 Eindhoven University of Technology, BSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

Wouter Weelink Wouter Weelink
Project employee
Yael von Mengden Yael von Mengden
Anne-Louise Bergkamp Anne-Louise Bergkamp
Project employee
Po Au Xu Po Au Xu
Maurice Verhoef Maurice Verhoef
Project employee
Liesbeth van der Pol Liesbeth van der Pol
Architect / Owner
Patrick Cannon Patrick Cannon
Ursula Jonker Ursula Jonker
Financial Administration
The Binnenhof, The Hague - DOK architecten The Binnenhof, The Hague
Luuk Hofhuis Luuk Hofhuis
Marta Meijer Marta Meijer
Project employee
Alissa Labeur Alissa Labeur
Project manager
Niek Slijkerman Niek Slijkerman
Project employee