Who is Dok?

Welcoming buildings that accommodate our clients’ every need–that is what drives our extensive team of dedicated people. We create pleasant living environments and design buildings with a distinctive identity that linger long in the memory.

We are Dok architects. We work on a wide variety of assignments, such as residential dwellings, schools, business and technical buildings, and shopping centres. We also create and supervise urban development plans. Our clients vary from private individuals and museum boards to industrial companies and building contractors.

What all of our clients have in common is a desire for beautiful, characteristic buildings that create a meaningful and lasting bond with their occupants, ultimately exceeding all objectives. What we offer is the pleasant process that leads to this aspiration. Our comprehensive approach is driven by engineering and sustainability, as well as a focus on process and budget control. If you are interested in developing a shared vision of your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Marc a Campo Marc a Campo
Associated architect

Working intuitively and thoroughly.

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Veerle Hendriks Veerle Hendriks
Project employee
Luuk de Rouw Luuk de Rouw
Project employee
Ester Bartels Ester Bartels

A forward-looking process.

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Liesbeth van der Pol Liesbeth van der Pol
Architect / Owner
Marta Meijer Marta Meijer
Project employee
Alissa Labeur Alissa Labeur
Project manager

Distinctive buildings live longer.

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Niek Slijkerman Niek Slijkerman
Project manager
Pieter Lievense Pieter Lievense
Project architect
Barbara Stuiber Barbara Stuiber
Project employee

Efficient communication and a strong community spirit.

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Vincent de Vries Vincent de Vries
BIM Coordinator
Ursula Jonker Ursula Jonker
Management Assistant
Herman Zeinstra Herman Zeinstra

Treating architecture, location and user with respect.

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Kim Wandel Kim Wandel
Project employee
Wouter Weelink Wouter Weelink
Project employee
Johan Rombouts Johan Rombouts
Project manager
Patrick Cannon Patrick Cannon