Johan Rombouts
Project manager


+31 20 3449731


1999 - present Dok architects, Project Manager
1995 - 2000 Academy for Art and Design St.Joost, Architectural Design
1991 - 1995 MTS Zwolle, Advertisement and Presentation
1988 - 1991 Graphic Lyceum Eindhoven

Northern Cemetery, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Northern Cemetery, Amsterdam
Childcentre Rivierenwijk, Deventer - DOK architecten Childcentre Rivierenwijk, Deventer
Library and City archive, Dendermonde, BE - DOK architecten Library and City archive, Dendermonde, BE
Focusschool, Haarlem - DOK architecten Focusschool, Haarlem
The Binnenhof, The Hague - DOK architecten The Binnenhof, The Hague
Community School The Frog, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Community School The Frog, Amsterdam
Lex van Deldenbridge, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Lex van Deldenbridge, Amsterdam
Opera Oslo - DOK architecten Opera Oslo
Great Epyptian Museum, Cairo EG - DOK architecten Great Epyptian Museum, Cairo EG
Scheringa Museum, Opmeer  - DOK architecten Scheringa Museum, Opmeer
Country House, NL - DOK architecten Country House, NL
Shopping centre Lewenborg, Groningen - DOK architecten Shopping centre Lewenborg, Groningen
Community centre, Merksplas BE - DOK architecten Community centre, Merksplas BE
Maritime Museum, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Maritime Museum, Amsterdam
Wyckerpoort, Maastricht - DOK architecten Wyckerpoort, Maastricht
Flevocentrale, Lelystad - DOK architecten Flevocentrale, Lelystad
Zaantoren, Zaanstad - DOK architecten Zaantoren, Zaanstad
Villa, NL - DOK architecten Villa, NL
Pharos, Den Haag - DOK architecten Pharos, Den Haag
Waalfront, Nijmegen - DOK architecten Waalfront, Nijmegen