The Condor, Hoogvliet

A relatively sturdy residential building, ‘De Condor’, a park building, stands at the entrance to the new park area that will border Hoogvliet in the future. It stands on two-storey high legs in the gateway to the park. Beneath the building, you can see the green and trees of the park behind it. The organisation of the building is clear and simple, from a central hall there is access to eight apartments on each floor by means of a gallery. The railings that safeguard the galleries and balconies run all the way around and form the image of the Condor. The shape of the building, the railings and the high legs give the building airiness, despite its sturdiness.

Architect: Monica Ketting
Team: R. Visser, V. Struben
Number: 0228
Status: Built
Year: 2002 - 2007
Client: Woonbron Maasoevers/Convide

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The Condor, Hoogvliet
The Condor, Hoogvliet
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The Condor, Hoogvliet
The Condor, Hoogvliet