Wyckerpoort, Maastricht

Putting a primary school, a playgroup, a community centre and a sports facility all in one building is a great way of bringing people of all ages together under one roof. The success of such a project is dependant on the way each group functions separately, since only then does the combination bring added value. We looked for ways to accommodate shared functions spatially in such a way that they created a sense of communality, while at the same time giving each visitor to the building the feeling that they had a place of their own. All the spaces that can be shared are found in a wide inner 'street' in the form of separate kiosks. These include the oval playroom in the centre, the bar, the entrance hall, the hire counters, copying areas and meeting rooms. To either side of the 'street' we put the rooms that serve specific purposes and are designed as such, although they are universal in size.

Architect: Liesbeth van der Pol
Team: M. Fredriks, J. van den Berg, J. Rombouts, G. Trevetin
Number: 9908
Status: Built
Year: 1999 - 2001
Client: DSG, Maastricht

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Wyckerpoort, Maastricht
Wyckerpoort, Maastricht  –  water colour
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Wyckerpoort, Maastricht
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Wyckerpoort, Maastricht  –  Gym with a view
Liesbeth van der Pol Liesbeth van der Pol
Architect / Partner