We want the buildings that we design to establish a meaningful and lasting bond with the people living inside them. We want our buildings to treat their users and the location’s ecological, social and historical structure with respect.

We create buildings that stand the test of time because they are robust and can be easily adapted to changing requirements. Our use of sustainable materials and our ability to find sustainable solutions are always key focal points. We are skilled at bringing historical buildings to life.

Gijs van der Kerk Gijs van der Kerk

A forward-looking process.

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Pieter Lievense Pieter Lievense
Senior Project architect
Niek Slijkerman Niek Slijkerman
Architect / Project manager
Patrick Cannon Patrick Cannon
Marc a Campo Marc a Campo
Associated architect

Distinctive buildings live longer.

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Luuk de Rouw Luuk de Rouw
Architect / Project Manager / BIM coordinator
Marta Meijer Marta Meijer
Project architect / BIM coordinator
Ursula Jonker Ursula Jonker
Management Assistant / Financial administration
Wouter Weelink Wouter Weelink
Architect in training / Technical Designer

Working intuitively and thoroughly.

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Liesbeth van der Pol Liesbeth van der Pol
Architect / Partner
Kim Wandel Kim Wandel
Johan Rombouts Johan Rombouts
Senior Designer
Max de Waard Max de Waard

Efficient communication and a strong community spirit.

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Veerle Ketting Veerle Ketting
Herman Zeinstra Herman Zeinstra
Kinda Khatib Kinda Khatib