Way of working

Creating a good idea and turning it into a beautiful and functional building—how is that actually done?

First of all, we believe that it is extremely important to talk to our clients. We listen to them. We do our research and that opens up new perspectives. It forces us to streamline our thinking and sometimes look at things from a new vantage point. We derive pleasure from sharing our expertise, developing a good partnership and achieving outstanding results.

We actively pursue professional development. We all work in an open plan office, regularly go on excursions together and organise debating and discussion evenings. Our studio has a modern architectural and technical library. We stimulate each other to create refreshing, high-quality architecture.

A beautiful and properly functioning building cannot be created without engineering skills and process and budget control. That’s why we possess thorough knowledge of construction technology, building methods and process management, and why we are skilled at safeguarding the planning and the construction costs. So even if you want post-delivery project support, you’re in safe hands with us.

Marta Meijer Marta Meijer
Project architect / BIM coordinator

Distinctive buildings live longer.

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Kim Wandel Kim Wandel
Liesbeth van der Pol Liesbeth van der Pol
Architect / Partner
Patrick Cannon Patrick Cannon
Luuk de Rouw Luuk de Rouw
Architect / Project Manager / BIM coordinator

Treating architecture, location and user with respect.

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Kinda Khatib Kinda Khatib
Max de Waard Max de Waard
Veerle Ketting Veerle Ketting
Pieter Lievense Pieter Lievense
Senior Project architect

Efficient communication and a strong community spirit.

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Niek Slijkerman Niek Slijkerman
Architect / Project manager
Herman Zeinstra Herman Zeinstra
Gijs van der Kerk Gijs van der Kerk
Ursula Jonker Ursula Jonker
Management Assistant / Financial administration

A forward-looking process.

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Wouter Weelink Wouter Weelink
Architect in training / Technical Designer
Johan Rombouts Johan Rombouts
Senior Designer
Marc a Campo Marc a Campo
Associated architect