We have a simple organisational structure with short lines of communication and dedicated contact points. Our firm revolves around project teams, comprised of architects, project managers, engineers and draughtsmen, all of which function as units. They’re supported by staff specialised in graphic design, model building, public relations and by our secretarial office.

The management team consists of two partners who manage the organisation and bear responsibility for the quality of our projects.

Patrick Cannon is in charge of daily operations. Patrick aims to get the best out of people. ‘Stand on one another’s shoulders,’ as he likes to phrase it.

Liesbeth van der Pol is the designer among the partners. She is known for her distinct use of water colours and sketches in her search for the essence and character of our designs. Her signature graces every work created by Dok architects.

Wouter Weelink Wouter Weelink
Project employee

Treating architecture, location and user with respect.

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Herman Zeinstra Herman Zeinstra
Johan Rombouts Johan Rombouts
Project manager
Pieter Lievense Pieter Lievense
Project architect
Vincent de Vries Vincent de Vries
BIM Coordinator

Working intuitively and thoroughly.

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Liesbeth van der Pol Liesbeth van der Pol
Architect / Owner
Kim Wandel Kim Wandel
Project employee
Ester Bartels Ester Bartels
Barbara Stuiber Barbara Stuiber
Project employee

Distinctive buildings live longer.

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Veerle Hendriks Veerle Hendriks
Project employee
Niek Slijkerman Niek Slijkerman
Project manager
Ursula Jonker Ursula Jonker
Management Assistant
Marta Meijer Marta Meijer
Project employee

A forward-looking process.

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Alissa Labeur Alissa Labeur
Project manager
Patrick Cannon Patrick Cannon
Luuk de Rouw Luuk de Rouw
Project employee
Marc a Campo Marc a Campo
Associated architect