Herman Zeinstra


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2015 - present Retired architect and passionate artist
1989 - 2015 Dok architects, Architect / Partner
1980 - 2015 Visiting professor at multiple universities and academies (Netherlands and abroad)
1973 - 1989 Independant Architect (Amsterdam)
1979 Architecture exam BNA
1967 - 1973 Independant Architect (Tel Aviv, Israël)
1960 HTS Architecture

Herman Zeinstra BSc. Arch. (Harlingen, 1937) took the BNA architecture examination after studying architecture and construction at the engineering and technical college.
After working at an Amsterdam architectural practice in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, he started his own architectural practice in Tel Aviv in 1969.
On his return to the Netherlands he established himself as an independent architect in Amsterdam in 1975. In 1995 he set up Atelier Zeinstra van der Pol jointly with his partner Liesbeth van der Pol.

The practice expanded rapidly and gained a reputation with a wide variety of projects, including housing and cultural and industrial buildings.

Herman Zeinstra was cofounder of Dok architects in 2007. Zeinstra’s work carries a recognisable signature: clear proportions, an expressive use of materials and great attention to detail.
Detailed sketches drawn by hand have always formed part of his design process.
Herman Zeinstra has received various prizes for his work over the years, including the Dino cup for the doyen of Dutch architecture in 2002 and the Amsterdam Zuiderkerk Prize in 2005.
Besides his work as an architect, Herman Zeinstra has been and still is attached as a guest lecturer to various universities and academies. He has undertaken many architectural journeys and served on various juries. He is currently attached as a lecturer to the Architectural Academy in Amsterdam.

The oeuvre of Herman Zeinstra was awarded in 2009 with the 'Oeuvreprijs Fonds BKVB Bouwkunst'.

Driekolommenplein, Aalsmeer - DOK architecten Driekolommenplein, Aalsmeer
Monuta Funeral centre, Apeldoorn - DOK architecten Monuta Funeral centre, Apeldoorn
Library and City archive, Dendermonde, BE - DOK architecten Library and City archive, Dendermonde, BE
Sporenburg II, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Sporenburg II, Amsterdam
House Oude Schans, Amsterdam - DOK architecten House Oude Schans, Amsterdam
Block 30 IJburg, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Block 30 IJburg, Amsterdam
Oldenhofveste, Zwolle - DOK architecten Oldenhofveste, Zwolle
Korte Spaarne, Haarlem - DOK architecten Korte Spaarne, Haarlem
Java island, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Java island, Amsterdam
Borneo triangle, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Borneo triangle, Amsterdam
Vathorst, Amersfoort - DOK architecten Vathorst, Amersfoort
Courtyards, Lelystad - DOK architecten Courtyards, Lelystad
Noordpoort, Amstelveen - DOK architecten Noordpoort, Amstelveen
Opera Oslo - DOK architecten Opera Oslo
KPN Telecom, Amsterdam - DOK architecten KPN Telecom, Amsterdam
Great Epyptian Museum, Cairo, EG - DOK architecten Great Epyptian Museum, Cairo, EG
Community centre, Merksplas, BE - DOK architecten Community centre, Merksplas, BE
Northern Cemetery, Amsterdam - DOK architecten Northern Cemetery, Amsterdam
Scheringa Museum, Opmeer  - DOK architecten Scheringa Museum, Opmeer
Timorplein, Amsterdam  - DOK architecten Timorplein, Amsterdam
Crematorium, Haarlem - DOK architecten Crematorium, Haarlem
Dobbelmansite, Nijmegen - DOK architecten Dobbelmansite, Nijmegen
OBS Olympusschool, Amsterdam - DOK architecten OBS Olympusschool, Amsterdam
Kruidenveld, Apeldoorn - DOK architecten Kruidenveld, Apeldoorn